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depuis Mars 2000

Bibliothèque FTP EpideMac

Antigax 1.3

Antigax se charge de réparer les applications déjà contaminées par le virus 'Graphics Accelerator'.

Fix the problems caused by the "Graphics Accelerator" Trojan horse.
AntiGax is a program that detects and repairs applications infected by the "Graphics Accelerator" virus. You may also want to use Graphics Innoculator, which stops the virus from spreading further if you are already infected and prevents it from installing itself if you are not. Version 1.3 adds a system check, which checks for the virus extension and an infected or damaged system file; file damage checks, which determine whether uninfected files have been damaged by the virus; and the ability to check any file (instead of just recognized types).


Langue: Version anglaise
Version: 1.3
License: free
Date: 2 février 1999
Taille: 40.72 Ko
3005 téléchargement(s)

Compatible système 7

Mac Système 7.x

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